What is SCADA?

Understanding SCADA: The Backbone of Industrial Control Systems



In the realm of industrial automation and control, SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) stands as a pivotal technology, wielding a critical role in the monitoring and management of complex processes. Transitioning into the fundamentals of the system, this article will explore its components, applications, and the profound impact it has on modern industries.

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Home automation


mySCADA is a highly versatile solution. Based on the client’s preferences, it can control the home as well as the robust production line in almost any industry. This project is just the tip of the iceberg and shows the system’s possibilities if there is time and a little effort.

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christmas card

PF 2024

Dear customers,

Thank you for all the support you gave us during the past year. We wish you a merry Christmas and all the luck in the upcoming year, 2024!

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Healthcare equipment


Embitron company is active in the healthcare sector, having customers worldwide. Their specialization is developing and manufacturing equipment tailored to the client’s needs. Based on clients’ specifications, they customized the technology using reliable hardware and innovative software. For the second part, mySCADA has been reached to deliver a secure and easy-to-use solution.

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myACCESS under maintenance

Regular maintenance

Due to routine maintenance of myACCESS system, there may be a temporary service outage on April 23rd 2022 between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. (CET). We apologize in advance for any inconvenience caused.

Brand new myBOX Gold Edition

We would like to offer an exclusive opportunity to be ahead of your competition. mySCADA has decided to release the limited edition of myBOX. The special appearance of the product, as well as advanced features, gives the possibility to shine.

Based on years of experience, myBOX can rapidly increase machine productivity while massively reducing costs. Unique features such as huge storage or a wide temperature range make it ideal for space travel.

myBOX Gold Edition is ideal for long-term investment and it’s recommended by Arab Sheikhs. This outstanding offer is valid for a limited time only.


For more information write to: [email protected]

Cold storage environmental control

The project entailed the control of 72 double stack cold rooms and an additional 9 chambers, each chamber being approximately the size of 40 double stack tunnels. Danfoss controllers were deployed with propriety control and monitoring systems which were no longer supported or maintained. With mySCADA’s large number of communication options, they were able to easily interface with the devices and provide the control and monitoring of these controllers.

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Newbie myPANEL 7″


Due to the current unfavourable situation and at the request of our customers, mySCADA decided to develope brand new myPANEL 7 inch which is fully in-house solution. We proudly introduce our small size panel with larger options than ever before.

Small package with extended features along with the assurance of in time delivery of goods – that are the main goals we want to achieve.

What are the benefits of new myPANEL 7 inch compared to current one?

  • faster reactions of the system
  • larger storage
  • more connectivity options
  • produced completely in Europe