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Where I can find older versions of mySCADA SW?
What is a best practise to export project from myDesigner?
How do I install mySCADA on Linux?
Is myDESIGNER really free?
Can I test mySCADA products before purchasing?

Here you can find all tutorial videos!


Can I transfer my license?
What are the supported browsers?
Can I use same project for myPRO and myMOBILE with different resolution?
Do Active Areas work with HTTPS?


Does mySCADA support OPC DA?
Does mySCADA support Omron PLCs?
Is it possible to use domain name instead of IP address in PLC settings?
What are the supported PLCs?
Why can't I connect my Siemens S7-1200 or S7-1500 PLC in myDESIGNER?


What is the tag limit on myBOX versions?