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General info

How to start with mySCADA?

Please watch our starting guide for downloading and licensing mySCADA PRO.

What's the difference between mySCADA PRO and mySCADA PRO manager?

mySCADA PRO Manager is a tool that allows user to license the mySCADA PRO software and manage deployment and swap between versions of mySCADA PRO and it as well allows you to set up SMTP for notifications.
mySCADA PRO is only a runtime application that displays HMI and handles project.

Where can I manage/transfer my licences?

Go to, log in, go to section Licensing.

Where can I manage my orders, see the invoices, edit account and so on?

Go to, log in, choose the section you want to manage (dashboard, my orders downloads, edit address, payment methods, edit account, my subscriptions, licensing).

Can I test mySCADA products before purchasing?

Yes, you can download versions in section Downloads. Even without licensing, you can test all features on a limited number of tags in mySCADA PRO. The only limitations are the necessity to reboot your computer after some time. This unregistered version can be used for free for non-commercial use.

What are supported Unicode characters?

Supported Unicode characters are from 0 to 255 (00FF) Higher characters are not supported.

Periodic timer in a view script is not being stopped after switching view what should I do?

From version 8.12.0 we have changed our view script functions and because of that periodic interval is not being stopped after switching view or opening another view in active area.
This can be solved by destroying this function as showed in example.

function init() {
this.time_Interval = setInterval(function() {
}, 5000); //Interval value in milliseconds


function destroy() {


If we wouldn’t use destroy function interval would be running endlessly and won’t ever be ended.


What's difference between myDESIGNER Enterprise and free version of myDESIGNER?

Main differences between these two products are described in this article myDESIGNER Enterprise X myDESIGNER Free.

Where I can find older versions of mySCADA SW?

All software history can be found here.

What is a best way to export project from myDESIGNER?

To export the project, simply right-click the project name in the project tree and select export. Afterward, just select location and the whole project will be exported into a single .mep file. You can see it in our tutorial video here.

How do I install myDESIGNER on Linux or MAC OS?

myDESIGNER in no longer available for MAC OS and Linux distro, myDESIGNER is currently available in his latest version only for Windows OS.

How do I install myDESIGNER on Windows?

Installation for windows is a typical .exe format installation which will guide you step by step once you double click downloaded a file from our webpage.

Is myDESIGNER really free?

Yes, myDESIGNER software is and always will be for free. If you want the advanced functionality, you can buy myDESIGNER Enterprise with mentioned improvements.

Is it possible to use server-side scripting?

Server-side scripting is advanced functionality and it is available only in myDESIGNER Enterprise.

How do I license myDESIGNER Enterprise?

After purchasing myDESIGNER Enterprise, you first have to install myDESIGNER, then – after successful installation, open myDESIGNER, click on „Yellow key icon“ or click on licensing toolbar on the top. There you will find your HW-ID which will allow you to enter into the licensing tab on our webpage. Once you do, you are able to download license file which you provide to myDESIGNER. After successfully licensing, close and then re-open myDESIGNER. The new functions will appear.

Is the number of connections limited?

No, the number of connections is not limited you can use an unlimited number of connections inside one project.

Is the amount of views limited?

The amount of views inside one project is unlimited.

Is amount of projects created in myDESIGNER Enterprise limited?

No there is no limit once you purchase myDESIGNER Enterprise you can design as much project as you want.



Does the mySCADA PRO Manager work on any Windows?

mySCADA PRO Manager works only on Windows 11 right now.

Does the mySCADA PRO allow sending SMS notifications?

mySCADA PRO doesn’t support natively SMS notifications, only notifications via. SMTP.

Does the mySCADA PRO Manager work on any Linux distro?

mySCADA PRO Manager has been tested on Debian, Ubuntu and Mint distro at any other distro we’re unable to guarantee that our OS will work.

Can I transfer my license?

You’re able to transfer your license once in the licensing tab the transfer is for an emergency case. If you would need more license transfers, please submit a ticket and provide us with the evidence of hardware failure.

What are the supported browsers?

We recommend you used any chromium based browser, but preferably chrome.

Do Active Areas work with HTTPS?

You need to keep the protocol the same for whole web pages and also its parts. So if you access the visualization using HTTP your active areas should be HTTP as well.




Does the myBOX supports connection to the databases (mySQL, MsSQL, ODBC,...)

myBOX doesn’t support native connections to any of the databases, it’s because of software limitations. However, it’s possible to write your own communication protocol in the server-side script.

What is the tag limit on myBOX versions?

All myBOX versions have unlimited tag licenses, so they are only limited by the performance of their HW (the license is locked to a device – can’t be transferred).


Is there any tag limit on myPANEL?

There is no tag limit on myPANEL (myPANEL includes unlimited version. License is locked to a device – can’t be transferred).

Is it possible to access myPANEL HMI from other computer via browser?

myPANEL HMI can be accessed like myPRO or myBOX from a different computer by simply typing it’s IP address into your computer browser (you need to be on the same network as myPANEL is).

What upgrade file should I use for myPANEL?

If your myPANEL contains ARM CPU (you can find this on a sticker of myPANEL ARM CPU – NXP i.MX7 Dual Core etc…), then you need to use file.

If your myPANEL contains Intel CPU (you can find this on a sticker of myPANEL Intel CPU – X5-E8000 etc…), then you need to use file.

Does myPANEL support 4G/3G connection?

myPANEL Does not support 4G/3G connection to the internet.

Can myPANEL send SMS notifications?

myPANEL does not support SMS notifications however, we can program this feature in case of ordering more units of myPANEL, for more info, please contact us at [email protected].

Does myPANEL support GPIO?

myPANEL does not support GPIO.


Does mySCADA support OPC DA?

No, we do not support OPC DA. We only support OPC UA. If you are using OPC DA and want to communicate with OPC UA, please contact your software provider about a conversion method.

Does mySCADA support Omron PLCs?

Yes, when adding a connection for an Omron PLC, please use the Allen Bradley configuration option.

For creating connection to CJ2M Omron PLC, please choose CompactLogix configuration.

Is it possible to use domain name instead of IP address in PLC settings?

No, but we plan to add this feature so you will be able to use services like DynDNS.

What are the supported PLCs?
Siemens S7 S7-1200,  S7-1500, S7-300, S7-400, …
EtherNet/IP ControlLogix, CompactLogix, Micrologix 1200, Micrologix 1400, Micrologix 1500, SLC 500, PLC 5, Omron PLCs, …
Modbus TCP Wago, Schneider, Micrologix, RTUs, Panasonic FP7, ….
Modbus Serial – only at myBOX device ABB AC500, ABB AC700, IPCDAS, ADAM, RTUs,…
Melsec Binary Melsec-Q,FX5-U, E71 controller type, 3E packets
Toyopuc Full support with hierarchy
OPC UA New OPC standard
KNX KNX communication protocol
Why can't I connect to my Siemens S7-1200 or S7-1500 PLC?

There is a problem with Siemens S7-1200 firmware v4.1 and S7-1500 v1.7. Please use a different version of the firmware on your PLC and it may help with the connection issue. If you update your firmware and still receive the problem, please check additional required settings.

If the problem persists, please contact our technical support at

MQTT support

The direct MQTT support is not implemented inside mySCADA software, it can be done right now via. main.js (embedded node.js) for which you need to purchase myDESIGNER Enterprise.
We are planning in future to implement direct support of mQTT protocol to the mySCADA software.

mySCADA Legacy

How do I install myDESIGNER on Linux?

There is basically no installation on Linux, Linux users will receive myDESIGNER in .tar.gz format which only needs to be extracted somewhere inside your computer, and then simply you run myDESIGNER by going into /bin folder and drag myDESIGNER into terminal and press enter which will start myDESIGNER.

How do I install myDESIGNER on MAC?

Installing myDESIGNER on Linux is simple, once you download myDESIGNER version on linux you will receive in .dmg file, you just double click that when it’s downloaded which will open up normal installation which will guide you step by step.

Is the Windows 7 x64 still supported by myPRO 8?

Since myPRO is dependent on the node.js and the node isn’t anymore supporting natively windows 7 (Only windows 8.1 and newer) we do not officially support Windows 7 anymore, however, there is a possibility how to make myPRO run on Windows 7 x64.

1. Open Windows start menu
2. Right-Click on the computer
3. Click on properties
4. Click on Advanced System settings
5. Click on “Environment Variables….”
6. There are variables for both user and system, please add to both new variables:
    Variable value: 1
7. Press “OK”
8. Reboot your computer

Where is „systray“ icon („Green computer icon“)?

The Systray icon has been replaced by the internal settings of myPRO, so you are able to change any settings of myPRO remotely .See more here.

How do I buy tag upgrade/version upgrade?

If you already have myPRO 8, you can buy a tag upgrade on your own (up to 5000 tags). Upgrade above 5000 tags is on request. To find more, please contact [email protected]. If you have any of the legacy versions of myPRO and are looking for an upgrade to the latest version, please contact us at [email protected].

Supported Databases





Microsoft SQL

Can't connect to MySQL?

If you are having trouble connecting to the MySQL database, please make sure, that your MySQL database is installed with “Legacy authentification method”.



Why I can't find myMOBILE at Google Store/Apple Store ?

myMOBILE is not available at the moment and will not be available until further notice. The development of the app and support of the app has ended in Dec 2017. However mobile devices can be still used together with other SCADA product if you have a mySCADA device you can simply type it’s IP address inside your mobile browser and get quick access to the device if you are on the same network.


Why I can't find mySMARTHOUSE and can't access mySMARTHOUSE webpage anymore ?

mySMART HOUSE is unavailable at the moment and will not be available until further notice. If you need to use SCADA for your technology, please use other mySCADA product.

The latest usable version is mySMARTHOUSE version 7.0.44 and myDESIGNER version 7.0.44 both are functional but they are not available to be downloaded publicly.




If you have any technical questions or require any help with our software/hardware setup, please submit a ticket here.

If you have any questions regarding sales, please contact us here.