Version 9.0.0 released

After a while, mySCADA releases a new version of its software.


The background:

Multiple companies asked us to come up with a solution that can switch between versions with no time delays and with the possibility to quickly reverse if necessary. And that is how contained mySCADA was born!


Advantages of the new version:

  • Independence on OS and OS updates for higher security, easy deployment and ability to have multiple versions at the same time (containerized solution)
  • Improvements for Building Automation Industry (KNX protocol for Windows)
  • Enhanced CCTV system
  • Enriched stability and security


What are the benefits?

  • Separation of the SCADA system from the host computer
  • Always up to date SCADA package (secure)
  • Multiple runtime versions at the same time
  • Fast version switching (minimal downtime when updating)
  • Ready to use in common clouds (MS Azure, Amazon AWS)

Overall, mySCADA focuses on flexibility, security, ease of deployment, and scalability for SCADA systems, reflecting contemporary trends in industrial automation and cloud computing.


Maintaining compatibility:

The general compatibility with version 8 remains, see the limitations below*

You can try this version alongside version 8 (set different web port during installation).


Please enjoy our version 9 for myPRO and myDESIGNER products – download here:

mySCADA PRO Manager




mySCADA PRO Manager: Tool for runtime installation, version management and monitoring.

mySCADA PRO Runtime: A container with runtime for project deployment.


If you want to upgrade to our new version, do not hesitate to contact us for more details: [email protected]



For more info, go to the manuals:

mySCADA PRO Manager online manual

myDESIGNER online manual



Note: This video explains how the container/docker version works and how to download, install, and license it.




* Limitations: no support for Linux in myDESIGNER, for myPRO there is;  database support is now possible using Server-Side Scripts; removed legacy SigFox protocol due to obsolence, no more support for MAC OS, reporting tool removed – will be replaced by the new product in next version.