Summer TECH vibes

myMACHINE Edition – jump into Summer Industry

mySCADA is introducing a special Summer Edition – customized for machine manufacturers and other small projects. This offer includes limited runtime SCADA license running on Windows and Linux for unbelievable price! Our solution brings independence and a competitive advantage over your competition.


Did you know that:

  • Each license can ensure continuous operation even when updating your system? That brings time and cost savings.
  • myMACHINE is suitable for the operator’s panel as well?
  • We have a free project creation tool called myDESIGNER? (download here: myDESIGNER)
  • We have no hidden costs?
  • We have an online DEMO with no need to sign in? (try it here: mySCADA online demo)



Features of myMACHINE Summer Edition:



General overview of technology


Alarm system and statistics


Online notification


Advanced data-logging


Paperless maintenance


Trending tools


Production management


User action tracking


Quality management


OEE and performance


Predictive maintenance


Remote connectivity


How to get myMACHINE Edition?

Email us at [email protected], add the number of licenses you want, and we will do the rest!



299 EUR per license is the final price (VAT is not included).


Time duration

SummerTech Vibes radiate from the 9th of July to the 31st of August 2024.





* Limitations: Each license has a maximum of 50 tags. It is strictly focused on small projects and small machine manufacturers. The payment has to be made by the last day of August 2024—otherwise, mySCADA is not obligated to complete the trade. Change of conditions reserved. Each client can buy a maximum of 10 licenses. For more, please contact us individually. Discounts do not sum up.