Home automation


mySCADA is a highly versatile solution. Based on the client’s preferences, it can control the home as well as the robust production line in almost any industry. This project is just the tip of the iceberg and shows the system’s possibilities if there is time and a little effort.

About the project

The most critical requirements in the beginning are:

    • complete overview of the property
    • CCTV system control
    • remote access from anywhere (job, vacation…)
    • and that has led to time and cost savings.


myBOX (connected to two Allen‑Bradley PLCs and one Loxone PLC) and myACCESS were the right choices in this case.


Project – visualization

The project includes an overview of the technology in and outside of the building. myBOX aggregates data such as temperatures, humidity, CO2, CCTV outside, water and energy consumption, circuit breakers, roller shutters, garage doors, and many others (see gadgets below).

An innovative mySCADA development environment (myDESIGNER) enables creating the visualization precisely the way you need. General overview (picture 1) offers data based on customers’ preferences.



Picture 1 – A comprehensive overview of the property


A comprehensive overview of the property

Temperatures, humidity, and other crucial information are available based on the client’s wishes. The entire visualization is web-based, available anytime, anywhere around the globe on a PC, tablet, or smartphone.



Picture 2 – Indoor environment / Picture 3 – CCTV


Recuperation and the CO2 occurrence in the main living areas are big pluses for this client. With smart indicators, the level of air can be controlled easily.



Picture 4 – Recuperation system overview



As the most relevant and the most appreciated, those features are:

    • CCTV system – overview of all property (house, garden and garage)
    • Web-based – available anywhere, anytime (need the WiFi only)
    • myDESIGNER (project development tool) – universality enables one to create almost everything
    • Cost detection – overview of energy and water consumption


This mySCADA system is very flexible and universal. Thanks to that, with a minimum of effort, I can add almost any gadget I want.




If someone is passionate about their home, only their brain is the limit. Below are just some of the other features mentioned. We hope it inspires you:

    • water pressure (it prevents flooding)
    • watering the garden (based on the current weather forecast)
    • lawn mover control (stuck, discharged, or back to the station)
    • movement indicator (great for pet lovers or jealous partners)
    • water consumption (appreciated when four teenagers are in the house)