Version 8.22.0 released – Security Update!

This release is a major security update fixing multiple vulnerabilities as reported in security audits ICS-VU-330627 and ICS-VU-757224. To increase the security of the mySCADA platform to the maximum, we have upgraded the password hashing. Now we use SHA512 hash (highest possible) along with multiple security improvements.


Upgrade note: logging through RFID cards has been redesigned. If you use RFID card logging you need to reenter the password for all your RFID users in the project after the update. Also, please update passwords for /api and /apilive if you use REST API in your project.

myDESIGNER is no longer compatible with older versions of devices – means you won’t be able to download with myDESIGNER 8.22 to versions 8.21 and lower.

This update is recommended to all users.