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1.Introduction #

myMOBILE is complex professional HMI/SCADA system for mobile devices.



myMOBILE application offers industrial control for those how are busy and need to be in touch with their company all over the world. There are plenty of enterprises that are independent on desktops or servers. Does it sound familiar? If yes, myMOBILE is just for you. Use your smart devices to reduce costs and save your time.


myMOBILE helps to supervise and control industrial processes such as your production line, factory or any industrial appliance. myMOBILE is very popular thanks to its flexibility and simplicity.


myMOBILE can show your production in a form of scalable graphics, charts, trends, alarms or even reports. myMOBILE can connect directly to your PLC/DCS Controller or can act as a thick client connecting over a myPRO server. Project is created in myDESIGNER a unified development environment and then loaded into myMOBILE application running on your iOS device.


myMOBILE is optimised for mobile devices in every aspect. Professional visualization based on scalable vector graphics enables to zoom to any details of your technology. Small memory footprint and integrated communication drivers allows for trouble free operation in any industry.

All communication drivers are embedded, so all you need is your smart device, WiFi network or Internet connection.

For remote connections, myMOBILE operates over secure VPN link to ensure maximum security for your technology.


Supported communication protocols:

  • Siemens S7
  • EtherNet/IP
  • Modbus TCP
  • OPC Unified Automation (OPC UA)
  • Melsec
  • Toyopuc
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