Web Shop Open

We are happy to announce, you can buy all mySCADA Products in a newly open Online Web Shop. To enter a web shop, click on a Shop in a top menu.


With the web shop, we have also prepared Customer Portal where you can find all your invoices, acquired products and generate licenses for your SW products. Customer portal is located on this address: http://portal.myscada.org


Hope you will be satisfied with our improving customer services.


Petr Svoboda

Director of mySCADA Technologies

New version 6.2.18 Released!

We are proud to announce that, new version 6.2.18 is out.

Updated products:

mySCADA Compact, mySCADA Pro, mySCADA Mobile – Android version, and myPROJECT Designer.

What’s new:

– minor bug fixes

– support for Siemens S7 LOGO, S8 LOGO, and S7 200

– new functionality Time Sequence

Time Sequence is a simple to use, yet extremely powerful functionality to add time based animations to your views. 

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