mySCADA Remote Desktop
Public beta

Simply connect to any computer remotely

  • Remote Desktop application

  • For individuals and IT professionals alike

  • Hassle-free, easy to use


mySCADA Remote Desktop works across any of your devices and operating systems: Windows, Mac OS, or Linux.

Web-browser based control

  • Works in common web-browsers

  • No installations, no plugins

  • Suitable with any device

Built-in File Transfer

  • Light speed files transfer between computers

  • Easy to transfer folders between computers

Online Collaboration

  • Built-in chat to communicate with another party

  • Easy exchange of notes, text, passwords

  • Communication always encrypted

Secure access

  • Using WebRTC technology designed by W3C organization

  • Maximum transparency and security

  • Encrypted peer-to-peer connection is used (data flow directly between computers, no server in the middle) if available

  • Every computer is protected by a unique username and password



Professional company with over 10 years of existence. We visualize and control industrial applications,
machines even whole factories. Thousands of clients around the world trust our SCADA solutions.


We have developed this application when staying home during COVID-19 quarantine. We wanted to do something useful from which others could benefit as well.

As we would like to encourage people to work from home and be productive and safe. For above reasons, we currently offer the app for free usage by anyone.



Remote Desktop*Manuals

For downloading software, please register or log in here.

*Please note that this is public beta software. It may contain errors or inaccuracies and may not function as well as commercially released software.
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For previous versions, please, go to HISTORY

User Manual UserĀ Manual Online


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or suggestions? Drop us a message, please.


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