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1.Introduction #

Purpose of this Manual

This manual is a reference guide for the mySCADA Remote Desktop software. It will explains how to install and start with mySCADA Remote Desktop on each platform.


mySCADA Remote Desktop

mySCADA Remote Desktop is software developed by mySCADA. It provides you with fast and easy access to other computer desktops currently supported OS are MAC OS, Linux, Windows (You can control from any device including android and iOS). All of these operating systems can work together (so you are free to connect from a Linux computer to Windows computer etc.).

We also support portable version for Windows which does not require to install anything. 


Also, you can use any of the commonly used web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge…) to control your computer by simply typing into browser 


mySCADA Remote Desktop also has a built-in file transfer which allows you to transfer files from computer to computer no matter if the computer OS, which you are connected to, is different than yours.


You are welcome to use our integrated chat to communicate with another computer. So no more notepads when you are trying to communicate with somebody using similar software.



mySCADA Remote Desktop uses WebRTC technology designed by W3C organisation with maximum transparency and safety, it’s an encrypted peer-to-peer connection (the data flows directly between computers, so there is no server in the middle, except for special network cases). And on top of that, every computer is protected by a unique username and password which can be changed anytime.


Getting help

For technical support, please visit the RESOURCES section on our website, where you can find most of the necessary information – product information, video tutorials, other manuals.

If you do not find information you need, go to and submit a ticket. Our qualified personnel is ready to help you. For quick and effective communication, please send detailed information about the project.




* The examples and diagrams in this manual are included solely for illustrative purposes. In no event will mySCADA technologies. be responsible or liable for indirect or consequential damages resulting from the use or application of this equipment. Reproduction of the contents of this manual, in whole or in part, without written permission of mySCADA Technologies, is prohibited. mySCADA Technologies reserves the right to change this manual at any time without notification.

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