How to get myACCESS working on your device?

First, you need to purchase myACCESS subscription on our website. Which is simple as purchasing any other product, once purchase is completed you can access your myACCESS account with the same account details as you have been using on our website.

Simply just head to:



User which purchased a subscription is automatically assigned as an administrator (So that also means you need to click in right to corner “Admin Login” and can add users under his account which will have access to his myACCESS devices and can log in then as a user.



After you log-in you should see a free device which if you click on will ask you to put HW-ID inside, so simply just take HW-ID of your device from “licensing” tab and put HW-ID there and press “Set HW-ID”.



Then you will just simply download configuration and upload it into your device, reboot device and device should automatically connect after reboot if it has a stable internet connection.




And “myACCESS” should turn green in the settings menu, also should turn green inside a webpage.



If not, please check your router firewall settings, which could be that the connection is blocked by your firewall or by your provider firewall.

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