9.11.2021 - Version 8.23.0 #




  • Possibility to install more versions of myDESIGNER together on a single computer
  • Read/Write tags function helper has now possibility to check/uncheck everything (By default everything has been checked and the user had to uncheck everything by clicking it manually)


  • Translations export/import
  • OPC UA browsing
  • In the PLC was possibility to add :port in the IP (Which isn’t correct) since the PLCs which has a possibility to select port has its own setting window for it
  • Devices check of IP address




#myBOX v8


  • Proxy settings (In Advanced network)
  • SSL settings (In Advanced network) – We do not recommend “playing/changing” with the above new settings if you don’t have knowledge or experience
  • Possibility to select the interface for port forwarding


  • Password for downloading project
  • The network can’t be set until the myBOX loads its own configuration




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