13.11.2020 - Version 8.16.0 #



  • Export section (You can now export selected period of time into .CSV file) Works also using myACCESS.
  • When you are logged as a user in HMI you can right-click on the “key” icon and change your password.


  • Some effects wasn’t working properly.
  • getText was returning enterText.
  • myscadaAlarmConfirm wasn’t working properly.


  • Viewing documents via. myACCESS
  • myscada.logUserAction
  • box plot graph
  • Some “special” utf8 letters couldn’t be logged/displayed




  • nodemailer functions from main.js


  • Trends selection (More user friendly).


  • Crone aggregated datalog
  • Datalog ID
  • Sorting of data logs inside project
  • Check data-recipe and prepare of project before download
  • When you moved a group of objects with component or moved component inside group of objects it wasn’t appearing properly in HMI
  • Effect for heigh wasn’t working properly
  • View preview wasn’t showing animations/effects
  • When the tags database was sorted wasn’t working properly
  • Linux license for myDESIGNER
  • When you had a first project tree and you right clicked you could copy, but if you would right click to any other project under the first project copy function wouldn’t be there.
  • Read/Write scale





  • After reboot clearing chromium cache


#myBOX v8


  • When you set user or edited admin user inside settings and factory reset the box the users were still there




  • Viewing documents via. myACCESS link



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