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2.How to start with mySCADA Remote Desktop #

You can simply head to this link and (based on your OS) the webpage will automatically recommend you a specific link to download our software.


Once the software is downloaded, you can simply double-click and it will install mySCADA Remote Desktop – installing the app as an administrator is not required.


When the setup is finished (on Windows at the tray icons), you will be able to see a new icon. It will open the app.


In the middle of the screen, you can see your ID and yours PIN.  If you would like to connect to a different computer, all you need is a computer’s unique ID and PIN number.


You can also check/uncheck if you want.

  1. The app to be automatically open on the computer stat-up.
  2. Windows Auto-login (Automatically log – in on computer start-up)
  3. No Sleep (If the client’s computer will fall asleep you won’t be able to use it anymore, so please check this option to prevent such an issue from happening)
  4. Save PINs will automatically save pins from the last connections so you can easily reconnect.


Now, in order to connect to the other computer, the unique ID and PIN are needed. Once we have that, we just connect.


At the very top, you can see the control bar. You can scale window size by clicking on [fit] which can change between 3 modes of desktop size (scale, width, original size).

If you click on the file option, it will open a file transmission window where you can just simply drag the file or folder from one computer to another.


You can also delete or edit those files as you usually do. 


If you want to connect to the remote desktop of another computer, you don’t even need to have installed the Remote Desktop app, only the client which you want to connect to needs to have the app installed!

In order to access the remote desktop without the app, simply click this link and enter your client ID and PIN. It will connect you just as if you are the user of our app.


The web page is and is designed as Progressive Web Applications. This means you can use it in the browser, or you can also install it and use it as a regular application.

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