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smart combination of hardware and software tools

In the beginning, there was an idea of two companies – mySCADA and ProSoft. “What about to integrate a full-featured HMI/SCADA system into a PLC/PAC?” And this moment started an extraordinary project cooperation!


Previously, the end user would have to install a SCADA system on a remote server and connect it to the PAC controller over an Ethernet interface. This system required regular maintenance, increasing the overall cost of the solution. The new solution where is SCADA running as part of a PAC controller, is a modern web-based, professional setup featuring complete options for stunning visualisation, processing, and analysis of real-time data. The advantages of this solution are ease of installation, a reduced number of required components, reduced costs of maintenance, increased security and superior reliability.

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Open FTP conection to LDM (port 21 root/password)

copy mySCADA_armv5_v7.sh into LDM

connect thru ssh (root/password) into LDM card. 

Now set execute permission:

chmod +x ~/mySCADA_armv5_v7.sh

Run installation:

cd ~


….wait few minutes to finish

remove installation script

rm ~/mySCADA_armv5_v7.sh

Reboot system

Now open your favorite web browser on your desktop PC and enter IP address of your LDM card.