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mySCADA constantly improving its services, adding new functions, publishing new references and use cases. All these new elements are posting at our websites. To let you know where exactly it is placed, use this News section.




How to work with CAS alarms

A very important feature of mySCADA is the ability to signal any dangerous or other important events with Alarms. They are an important part of most control applications as they alert operators if something goes wrong. Do not forget to subscribe our YouTube channel!



How to work with connections

This video shows how to set up 3 different types of connection – Siemens S7, ControlLogix and MODBUS. Watch and subscribe us on YouTube for more videos.


Parametric views

How to work with parametric views

Instead of designing multiple similar visualizations of multiple field technology that differentiates only in operational parameters and not in appearance, you can use one master view that is common for all. Do not forget to subscribe us!


User Access Levels – part2

How to set the security levels

In myDESIGNER, there is a possibility to control user access very easily and keep the security at the highest level. Every user can be a part of a user group or multiple groups. There can be an unlimited number of groups in the system. Groups can be assigned to tie users together for common security, privilege, and access purposes.

User Access Levels – part1

How to set the security levels

In myDESIGNER, there is a possibility to control user access very easily and keep the security at the highest level. mySCADA has 10 access levels – from “0” to “9”. The higher number means the higher access for the mySCADA user.

View scripts in myDESIGNER

How to work with View scripts

In myDESIGNER, there is a possibility to create the special script for all views in visualization. The script editor is divided into 3 main sections: script window, variables window and useful functions list window to make the project creation even easier. Do not forget to subscribe us!

Advanced trends in myDESIGNER

How to work with Advanced trends

To make the visualization more atractive and clear, it is appreciated to use advanced trends. With this skills, the visualization will possibly raise up to the higher level.

Rulers and Guides in myDESIGNER

How to work with Rulers and Guides

These special functions help to save time during project creation. Rulers can placed and measured any object on the canvas. This simplifies the work and helps the objects/text be flush. Watch more in the video here.

Layers in myDESIGNER

How to make Layers

The layers are often useful when creating a complex project. This functionality allows to keep track of all objects in the project. Each layer can be locked or hidden as well. See more videos about myDESIGNER here.

Zoom visibility in myDESIGNER

How to set up zoom visibility

Zoom visibility allows to create levels in which the objects will be displayed. The view in the project is then adaptable and more flexible. How to set up and use it? See the video above and do not forget to subscribe us here!

Animations in myDESIGNER

The possibility to link the visual appearance of graphic object with the real values from PLC has never been so easy. This video shows how it works in a few basic steps. Subscribe us to do not miss more interesting videos!

Drawing in myDESIGNER

All shapes in a few steps

Every project is special and that also means special needs. Basic components are in the components library. But what if the concrete component has to be made with specific shapes, colours, size or scales? This video will show you the creative part of myDESIGNER called “Drawing”. If the drawing basics are clear, you can make any project you wish just with a few mouse clicks. For more helpful videos click here.

Create the Layouts in myDESIGNER

Easy and time saving

The layouts will help if you need to save time while creating the project. Once the layout (e.g. the Menu) is created, it could be used many times. In the video above is how to create it and use it in a few simple steps. Subscribe our YouTube channel and do not miss any of new videos.

Work with effects

How to make a masterpiece of your visualization?

In myDESIGNER, there are many functions that revive the visualization and make it even more professional. The most popular features are rotation of the objects, moving and zooming, changing the opacity or colours of the objects. All of these effects assist in monitoring and controlling of the factory. Watch the video and do not forget to subscribe us on YouTube.

Master components in myDESIGNER

Advanced knowledge that saves time

In myDESIGNER, there are plenty of functions that can be used to create a specific visualization. Using the imagination and myDESIGNER together gives the opportunity to create a unique project very easily. Master components will help when small corrections are need (e.g. to change the component colour or replace the component). More detailed options are available in Getting started Manual in section Downloads here.

Creating custom components

Create once, use many times

This video will show how to create a new and custom component that fits for the specific project. In myDESIGNER, there is a possibility to build many categories and fill the categories with various components. When creating and extending the project, it saves time. Different shapes and colours with the combination of easy use, this myDESIGNER feature will help to create a unique project and it can also bring a little fun.

myREPORTS Export to MS Power BI

To reflect the requirements

mySCADA has connected with Microsoft Power BI to satisfied mySCADA clients. A lot of large businesses are accustomed to use Power BI software tool or they have to use it anyway. We believe that our interconnection with Power BI will help them in decision making and save their time and money. Watch the video and find out the simplicity in 2 minutes!

myREPORTS Getting Started

This video will show, how to load the data from your project (myPRO, myBOX or myMOBILE) to myREPORTS. In myREPORTS, you are able to monitor, control, compare or evaluate the outputs of the production, making graphs, charts for a different time interval (hour, day, month…) and also export the data to MS Excel or PDF with just one mouse clicks. Watch the video, download myREPORTS for free here and enjoy the power of this SMART decision making tool! Subscribe us on YouTube!