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4.2.1.System - Notification #

myPRO can do Email and SMS notifications – alerts. In order to allow the notifications, please switch the “notification” button to ON.


Email – SMTP notification

In order to send SMTP – email notifications, please fill in the details of your SMTP server into each section. (Please keep in mind that some of the providers have 3rd party apps blocking (And some more firewall rules) and this setting needs to be unchecked in order to achieve sending of the mails using SMTP).



Once you are done with the settings, you can simply try to send test mail in order to confirm that your settings are correct, you should receive an email within 5 minutes if the settings are correct if you haven’t received the mail in time, please check the SMTP server rules and settings and if the SMTP server settings are correct, or try to use another SMTP provider.

If you have tried both and the email still isn’t working, please submit a ticket in our ticket system.


SMS notification

SMS notifications require you to have a fully functional GSM – USB modem which supports basic AT commands and a functional/activated SIM card.

  • NOTE: We recommend using modem – QISK3765.

Please fill in your SIM card provider settings – such as SMS center, if the SIM has PIN, and so on.



Under Windows, you can find the Modem port under Device Manager should be COM+Number. In the Linux based systems, you need to specify the path to the device usually something like: /dev/ttyUSB0.

Once you’re done with these settings you can also specify additional Modem settings by clicking on the “toothed” wheel



You can specify communication speed/Daty bits etc… (Because every modem can vary a little bit)



Once you are done with the settings you can simply try to send out a testing SMS.

If you won’t receive SMS, please check if the modem is fully working, if the SIM is activated and if the port which modem uses can be opened by any other Telnet app (Such as Putty) on that particular port which the device uses.


Please do not forget that the notifications are connected together with settings in myDESINGER and in order to receive notifications on Alarms user who is meant to receive the notifications needs to have a specified email or phone number in order to receive notifications, also you need to specify which alarm is supposed to send the notifications and which one is not supposed and so on.


More info about myDESIGNER and notifications settings:

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