4.14.Upgrade #

Inside upgrade tab we can upgrade myPANEL with newest software version, which we can download at mySCADA webpage here. Really important is to mention that myPANEL 5” and 7” have different upgrade file than myPANEL 10” and 15”. Please check before upgrade which file is being downloaded to myPANEL.

Panels 5” and 7” Are upgraded using file or Panels 10” and 15” Are upgraded using file or




For upgrading myPANEL is best option to choose variant of upgrading myPANEL using PC, which is connected to same network, first we need to download necessary files to upgrade (Which can be downloaded on at downloads section – myPANEL).

Now is needed to put IP address of you myPANEL into computer browser, you will go into settings by clicking on toothed wheel, you will get into settings menu, where we need to log-in and go into upgrade section. We click in “Choose File” and select file which was mentioned before.

After selecting file, we will see “Upgrade” button, we will click on this button and file will start to download to device.




After that we will see progress bar of downloading file into myPANEL.




After successful upgrade download to device we will see that upgrade is in progress.




After that myPANEL will reboot himself automatically and will boot up back again. Please, do not interrupt upgrade by plugging off power source or restarting myPANEL, it could lock up device, or make device itself to be no longer usable.

Upgrade can take up some time, so please be patient.

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