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3.2.First boot #

First, plug the ethernet cable inside myPANEL, this step is really necessary since once myPANEL is plugged into the power line it will boot up

After plugging in the ethernet cable into LAN you can also plug the electricity cable into myPANEL, which must be 12V DC.

After launching the panel, the window with the countdown appears. If you click the settings button (Right top corner) during the countdown, you get into the panel settings menu.




The default log in into settings menu:

Username: admin

Password: admin

We recommend you change the default password as soon as you enter settings for the first time.

First, you head to the system tab

Then to the access section

Now you simply click on the column where the password for user “admin” is located and edit the password and then hit “save” as well you can add new users.
Once you hit the save button you will be kicked out of the settings and you will be required to log in using the new password in order to get back into settings menu.

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