3.2.First boot #

First plug ethernet cable inside myPANEL, this step is really necessary, since once myPANEL is plugged into electricity site it will boot up and myPANEL needs to download updates from remote server.

After plugging in ethernet cable into LAN you can also plug electricity cable into myPANEL, which must be in the range 9~36 V DC.

After launching the panel, the window with countdown appears. If you click the settings button during the countdown, you get into the panel settings.




At first, change the user password. The default password is set to 1234. You log in using “LOGIN” button. Then you fill the password (1234).

When you click on the “SYSTEM” button, you are able to change the default password. If you do not change the password, everyone can change the setting of myPANEL!




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