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10.2.History of alarms #

mySCADA engine automatically logs your alarms into history. Every alarm action is logged with all relevant data such as current time (with precision to 1 millisecond). You can browse through alarm history in Alarm History Window. Aside of direct data browsing, you can also filter your data based on criteria. To enable logging on history of alarms, you must enable it in settings window.



  • Alarms can range in severity from 0 (most severe) up to 4 byte unsigned integer value (least severe), to indicate different levels of importance. For example, a severity 10 alarm might warn that a tank is half full of liquid, while a severity 5 alarm indicates that the tank is about to overflow. Both alarms monitor the same tag but have different severity levels.
  • When you set up alarm severity, you specify what the severity levels mean and what actions they will trigger. Severity determines the order in which alarms are displayed in an alarm banner.

Alarm Areas

The alarms can be grouped in different areas so that they can be displayed in the alarm window based on the area they belong to. This may be helpful to enable you to divide the alarms according to the different plant zones they come from.


Alarm messages report information about alarms.


You can define multiple alarms for a single device. In live alarm view or during a browsing of alarm history, you can filter your data based on device value.

Changing Date & Time

To change the date or intervals of shown results, use the bottom time toolbar. You can specify the date range in which data will be shown – click on the date to set:




By clicking on the left and right arrows, it is possible to change the date in accordance with already set Time range. Clicking on the very left arrow will firstly show the records available, clicking on the very right icon will show the latest records available.

By clicking on the time interval on the right, you will be presented a dialog enabling you to set up a custom time interval for viewing.




  • TIP: The maximum number of shown rows is limited by the LIMIT button, located on the top bar. You can change this value any time during viewing the data
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