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5.3.System #

1. Time

Time can be set or adjusted under System, in the first place you can select timezone, accordingly to selected timezone time will be changed. You can also select mode as if you want myBOX to be an NTP server or client or PPTP client. Time will be automatically synced with the NTP server after reboot if you check the option “Start after reboot”.

You can then type the NTP server, under which you can see it’s status, you can manually Start sync time or Stop sync time. Once you are done with this setting you press “SAVE”. You can also set the time manually or sync time with your computer.

if you select myBOX to work as an NTP client he can also share his time sync with other devices.

As shown in example myBOX is at simply just used ntpdate IP and time has been successfully adjusted.

2. Upgrade

Inside the upgrade tab, you can provide myBOX an upgrade file usually named: myBOX-8.X.X.upd.gpg (X – depends on the current version) which you can simply just download from our webpage and then provide the file to the myBOX, after the file is provided upgrade will start. You can always check if you are on the latest version or not by clicking on “CHECK”.

Please be extremely careful and do not interrupt myBOX during the upgrade process, interrupting the upgrade process could lead to damaging internal software of device which would need the intervention of mySCADA technician which is NOT covered by WARRANTY. Also please be patient myBOX upgrade can take up to 5 minutes at max.


3. Backup & Restore

Once you insert SD card into myBOX SD card slot you will be allowed to backup your data/settings or even project which are stored on myBOX you can select myBOX to make a backup every hour etc…
Or you can do it manually

Please select size of SD card accordingly to size of project and data stored (In most cases 32GB should be more than enough).

SD card doesn’t need to have a specific format you can format SD card in myBOX settings before you perform the backup.




4. Factory Default

Will give you several options on how to restore your system, you can either just clear project and it’s data or you can just clear settings of myBOX or do both at the same time.

5. Notification

You can either select up from 1-2 types of notification (Depends on your myBOX configuration). And in this tab, you can also disable/enable notifications inside project (As an example if you will want to make maintenance on your system and you don’t want to receive tons of false alarm SMS/emails)


Email notifications

are available on all myBOX devices no matter what configuration. To set them up you need to specify an SMTP host. Port which is SMTP server using. Mail which you want mails to be sent from. And the type of security which your SMTP server using.

Then you are able to select the type of authentification of the server:


depending on the authentification method you will fill then your details.


If you are willing to use Gmail SMTP, please make sure, that you have allowed 3rd party apps access to your account and also that you don’t have 2-step verification. According to the SMTP server, the look of CAS, alarm notification emails might change slightly.


SMS notifications

SMS notifications are available only in a configuration of myBOX with LTE modem. Inside tab, you specify SMS center (Which can be mostly found at your SIM card provider webpage). Max amount of SMS that can be sent per minute. If your SIM card uses a PIN or not. And if you want to resend alarm SMS.
There is also a possibility to send out a testing SMS just to make sure that your SIM is working well.

If you are struggling with sending out SMS, please make sure that your SIM card has been activated.


Please make sure, that your SMS has been activated before (As an example putting it into phone).

  • NOTE: Also, please DO NOT use any special characters inside alarm messages or diacritics – this will lead that certain alarm that is using some kind of special character or diacritics won’t send SMS notification.


6. Access

Inside users tab you can add or remove or change users’ details which users (As example technicians) use to log in inside the device and change its settings, also please make sure to change the default password for “admin” user to something else because of security.


  • Note: We recommend you changing default log-in details for better security of your device!


This can be done by clicking on “System” and then “users” simply just edit current user or add your own users and save.


You can either change the password for downloading the project (By default project password is an S/N of the box).

This option gives you possibility to allow download project to the users which have correct password in myDESIGNER set, nobody else with the non-correct password won’t be able to download project inside myBOX.

7. Serial – Serial port configuration (Available with myBOX with serial ports)

The serial port tab allows you to adjust settings of your serial port inside myBOX device.

8. Storage

Storage section allows you to adjust storage limits for Project/Data


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