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5.1.Status #

1. Dashboard

On the first page (dashboard), you can see the actual status of myBOX, CPU usage, Memory usage, and Storage usage everything is displayed in %. You can also see an actual version which is actually inside myBOX, It’s product number which actually shows what’s inside of myBOX.

Also very important is myBOX SN which will be required by myDESIGNER for downloading projects into this device.


E – Ethernet module
L – LTE module
S – Serial module
M – Memory module
W – Wifi module


  • NOTE: For example ESLM – Ethernet (SLOT 1), Serial (SLOT 2), LTE (SLOT3), a Memory module (SLOT 4).


You can add location so you will know where the box is located and also a device name for better recognition of the device.

Uptime – shows how long the is device up since the last reboot.

Project download time shows the time when the project was updated for the last time.

LED identification – which will also help you to recognize your device in case that there are more myBOX devices in one rack so you can easily recognize which one you looking for by making diode light on you.


2. Data storage

DataStorage tab shows you actual storage usage by data logs, user actions, and CAS alarms.


3. Network status

Network status shows your current state and info about network set-up and connection such as RX, TX, routes and myCLOUD status. Each interface has it’s own status tab.




4. System status

System status shows up the current status of services that are actually running on myBOX, also shows how much each service is using CPU. You can also see current storage use by project or data and how much space takes the project itself.


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