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3.1.Hardware features #

Feature Description
1 Ethernet/Serial port
2 Ethernet/Serial port
3 Ethernet port
4 Wifi/GPS Antena output
5 GSM Antena output
6 Micro SD card slot
7 SIM card compartment
8 Reset / Switch-off pin hole
9 Status LED indicators
10 Power supply socket (12-36 VDC)


Feature Description
11 DIN Rail holder





Inserting SD Card + SIM correct way.



  • NOTE: If any of the Ethernet ports are configured to obtain IP from DHCP and cables isn’t plugged and won’t be plugged in 60 seconds after a boot of the device, the port won’t take IP from DHCP server anymore since after 60 seconds he will turn into sleep mode in order to exit sleep mode reboot device and plug cable and the box will take IP from DHCP server.
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