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5.2.1.Advanced #

1. WiFi as WAN

If myBOX has a WiFi in his configuration you can set it as a WAN this is the very useful feature just in case that you want to deploy myBOX in the factory where it’s difficult to make a wire connection.

However, be aware that wireless connection isn’t as stable, fast as the wired connection.


If you click on SCAN button you can scan around APs which are running on 2,4Ghz

It will list you all available APs which you can connect to simply click on its name to copy it’s SSID.

When you have SSID and Password you can simply test the connection with AP you want to connect to, just to make sure.

After that, you can proceed to DNS and reboot myBOX.

The myBOX will be then connected to WiFi “mySCADA2” with IP



1. Setting up backup

myBOX offers a backup, just in case that your device would be lost a connection LTE modem will provide a backup connection to the internet.

This option is ONLY available on myBOX with LTE modem.

Reconnect timeout means, that after 5 minutes when the myBOX will drop the original connection to the internet it will try to connect via. LTE and then after 5 minutes it will try to check again if the original connection is available if not it will keep being connected on LTE if yes, then myBOX will switch to the original connection and drop LTE connection.

If you are using the PIN, please do not forget to set PIN and SMS center in notification settings under SMS subtab.


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