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3.1.Sorting out your devices and users in groups and sub-groups #

To make everything more clear for you and for users inside myACCESS we have implemented groups and sub-groups. so simple you can create groups by clicking on “create group” or by right-clicking into devices section and it will give you “create group option”.

Each group can have a sub-group.



Once you are done with creating groups, you can simply left-click and drag the device icon on top of a group and it will automatically put the device under group or subgroup. By left-clicking on device and clicking rename, you can rename device or group/subgroup.

Administrator user can adjust what normal or other users can see in their list, so by this, you can limit users access that they will see only what’s necessary for them.

When clicking on user there will appear a device tree on the right side where you can simply by checking/unchecking limit users access to the devices.


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