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3.myACCESS User #

myACCESSS user subscription gives you the option to activate a VPN user which gives user access to use myACCESS app and dial connection to connected myBOX device and access devices that are connected behind the myBOX (Program PLC, access IP cameras, printers etc…)

One subscription of myACCESS user gives you one VPN user.

If you want to create user, simply add his email address and the user will receive an email with log-in details he can use in order to log-in.


Once the user has everything he will just simply install myACCESS_VPN.exe. Which can be also installed together with myPRO or installed alone using myACCESS_VPN.exe. The choice is upon you.

once you are done with installation please reboot your computer.

After reboot, you will find myACCESS_VPN shortcut (This application should always run as administrator!) Simply just double-click on the icon and let it run as administrator.

A new window will pop-up where you will fill in your User VPN details such as username and password and upload configuration file (Please upload configuration file as it is DO NOT unzip the file just upload it as it is).

Once you are done with upper steps devices will appear in the devices list


Green devices are actually online.
Red devices are actually offline (Can’t connect to them).


To dial VPN connection simply click on device and VPN will start to dial VPN is split to several phases.


Once VPN is successfully connected you will get info about the actual device interfaces, about the response time, time of your connection to the device and link.
By using a magnifying glass you can scan the network for available devices, remember only one user can be connected to the device at once.


Network scan:

Please remember this is only available using myBOX device it won’t work with other mySCADA devices!

Note: EACH VPN user acts as a “device” so each VPN user requires his own subscription.

The first purchased subscription will give you basically ONE spot to register the device and ONE VPN user.

Then one subscription = ONE DEVICE or ONE VPN user (Not both at the same time).

If you are not getting success please check if your firewall isn’t blocking the connection time to time happens that ports which are myACCESS using are being blocked by a firewall of computer or by a firewall which is set by your provider or any IT company on your network. For that, we have implemented a feature that will make myACCESS running only true port 80 so you can unblock this port otherwise port which is being used by myACCESS is generated automatically.


If you still have some issues please contact

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