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2.1.myACCESS Device app #

You can also use the mobile version for your mobile device in order to view HMI using your tablet or phone, also can be used the same way on the computer.

Simply head to

If you will be on mobile simply head to above link and it will ask you if you want to add myACCESS app on your desktop.

You tap on add, it might take a few moments to install the app on your desktop of the phone.

Once you will be done with the installation you will find a shortcut on your phone, simply tap on it.

Now head to settings and use your username/password which you use to log in to

Now click on “Save” and you can click on “cloud” icon which will show you the list of devices, and you can simply select the device you want to see and it will open you it’s HMI inside the app.




If you are using the computer you can add this app to your desktop too, you will be asked by chrome or other browsers if you want to install the app, but it’s not necessary for it’s functioning.


Same as with mobile device simply put in your log in details click on save and you can head to “cloud” icon where you will find your online available devices.

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