1.Introduction #

What is myACCESS

myACCESS is a service that gives you the opportunity to access your device from anywhere in the world via. secured https link with an internet connection or with a secured VPN connection. myACCESS works as a monthly or yearly subscription service.


Basically, myACCESS has two versions (HTTPS secured link and myACCESS VPN):


version gives you access to any mySCADA device (myPANEL, myBOX, …) with a secure https link. You can control your technology, add users, check graphs, just do as you would normally do by directly taking look into mySCADA HMI. And also you can download the project into your device.



provides you also access via. secured VPN connection not only to the HMI but also gives you access to the devices behind such as PLC. This second version is only available using myBOX product.

Basically myBOX will work in this case as a “gateway” to the devices behind it. You can as example program PLC behind the box or watch IP cameras just like you would be on the same network (So you can also change project inside device).

This version of myACCESS requires you to install our .exe app which can be only installed at Windows 10 64bit or Windows 7 64bit. Another OS is not supported!


Getting help

For technical support, please visit the RESOURCES section on our website, where you can find most of the necessary information – product information, video tutorials, other manuals.

If you do not find information you need, go to and submit a ticket. Our qualified personnel is ready to help you. For quick and effective communication, please send detailed information about the project.


Important note: Make sure that your device has full access to the internet (Including possibility to ping domains!) Without a possibility to ping domains you WON’T be able to connect to the myACCESS.



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