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3.3.Connection with Rockwell studio to Rockwell PLC behind the myBOX using myACCESS User #

The mapping configuration of the PLC software must be done on a computer that:

  • has the PLC software installed;
  • is used to access remotely the Ewon.


Once configured, the PLC software knows it can use the remote connection instead of – or in addition to – the local connection. You can configure the mapping with the following procedure:

1. Start the RSLinx application.

2. Go to Communications > Configure Drivers from the menu options.



3. Select (or add) the AB_ETH-1 (Ethernet Devices) driver.

4. Click the Configure button.

5. Click the Add New button.

6. Add the IP address that represents the PLC in the Station Mapping table.


This IP address depends on the type of connection between the PLC and the Ewon:

Serial link: enter the LAN IP address of the Ewon (e.g.: in our case, it would be

Ethernet link: enter the IP address of the PLC (e.g.: in our case, respectively for the Logix series and for the SLC500 series).



7. Click OK or Close to quit the Configure driver window.

8. Go to Communications > RSWho from the RSLinx® menu to check whether your new PLC appears in the list of connected devices.


Allow enough time for the Autobrowser function to find your new device.

You might need to expand manually the driver family that holds your new PLC (e.g.: in our case, it is the AB_ETH-1, Ethernet).


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