5 / 10 Native support for databases

News in myDESIGNER

With the new version 7.0.14 come up plenty of native supports for databases. All major and most popular databases are supported including:

  • Microsoft SQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • mySQL
  • Oracle
  • ODBC

Thanks to this, working with databases and visualizing the data has never been easier.

3 / 10 Multilanguage support

News in new version

With the new version 7.0.14 comes up the possibility to simply translate the project to multiple languages. The user can switch languages also on the fly.

1 / 10 Extended library

News in myDESIGNER

With the new version 7.0.14 comes up the new extended library of components for new items. This speeds up the project creation in myDESIGNER. New components will be constantly added.

Layers in myDESIGNER

How to make Layers

The layers are often useful when creating a complex project. This functionality allows to keep track of all objects in the project. Each layer can be locked or hidden as well. See more videos about myDESIGNER here.

Zoom visibility in myDESIGNER

How to set up zoom visibility

Zoom visibility allows to create levels in which the objects will be displayed. The view in the project is then adaptable and more flexible. How to set up and use it? See the video above and do not forget to subscribe us here!

Animations in myDESIGNER

The possibility to link the visual appearance of graphic object with the real values from PLC has never been so easy. This video shows how it works in a few basic steps. Subscribe us to do not miss more interesting videos!

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