Websites improvement

English – German > Coming soon

mySCADA is still thinking of improvements that bring the greater customer satisfaction.That is the main reason mySCADA decides to translate the websites to German. These days, we are finishing the translation and after the final proofreading we will publish for you.

Mobile application for Android

myMOBILE 7 for Android finally released!

We are glad to introduce you a younger sibling of application for iOS – myMOBILE 7 for Android. This new version has a lot of technical advantages such as new component „active areas“, new animations or complete protocol support. The application works on operating system Android 5.0 and higher. On the other hand, myMOBILE 7 for Android offers a free 5 Tag testing option to try the features with no money spending. That brings our customers a freedom of choice.

Download now and test this unique application in your tablet or smartphone.

mySCADA at the conference

IT for Business 2016

mySCADA is going to be a partner at the AutoCont conference in Prague. “We keep in touch with our distributors and also their customers. That is the right way to identify client needs and create customized products” said the Director of mySCADA Ing. Petr Svoboda PhD.

How to increase the competitiveness, optimize processes or improve the efficiency? Not only these questions would be answered 5.5.2016 at the AC Forum – IT for Business.

Version 7.0.10 released

New upgrade of version 7!

We accept only the best – that is the reason we had to fix the minor bugs. This upgrade of version 7 works on any platform such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS and iOS. We are constantly working on Android 7.0.10 – this mobile platform will be available in May!


New channel for customers

Client support also via YouTube channel!

mySCADA starts with an additional communication channel called YouTube. We believe that the videos will help you understand our products better, clarify the potential irregularities and ensure a new form of offline support. Together with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Support Form it seems to be a complete client support.

How to download the project to your smart device? Watch the video above. More videos coming soon! Subscribe us on YouTube.

myMOBILE for Android

New Android version coming up!

After successful release of myMOBILE for iOS get ready for completely new version for Android! Brand new version is almost finished and it´s coming up very soon.

The possibility of independent testing or user-friendlier environment – that is just “the tip of the iceberg”.

Keep in touch

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mySCADA Technologies has decided to put more emphasis on informing our customers. We recommend them to follow us on their favourite social network to be in touch with us. We care about our clients and we want to give them an easy access to the newest information anytime. Be our fan or follower – we will appreciate it!