17.3.2022 - Version 8.26.0 #




  • Updated some libraries (Log4j…, etc…)


  • Importing tags using Rockwell import
  • When importing a project it’s possible now to drag the window (When the path or filename was too long it was cut, now you can drag the window in order to see the full path/filename)
  • When you created a script tag during the check of the project it could give you a false error that there is a problem with a tags syntax
  • CAS alarms couldn’t be deleted by using the “DEL” key
  • CAS alarms which could be deleted by selecting with left click and then deleting by right click has been deleted immediately without prompt
  • When you exported CAS alarms translations and import them back device/area translations has been deleted
  • TIA import crashed when there have been custom datatypes defined with “”
    Import/Export of the users to .csv
  • When you had a project created in version 8.19 with RFID and opened in 8.21 the RFID passwords disappeared





  • Possibility to choose between having a chromium-browser or chrome for 10″ and 15″ myPANEL (Before if you have been using just chrome and panel had no internet connection chrome could force pop-ups about chrome being outdated and require to be updated chromium should prevent this from happening). First, update to the 8.25 version using myPANEL8_x64.sh update, then if you want to use chromium update myPANEL using myPanel8_chromium_0.1_x64.sh


  • New settings menu


#myBOX v8



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