3.9.2021 - Version 8.21.0 #



  • Prompt on the script in the set command wasn’t working properly




  • If you created a directory with special characters such as “#” and wanted to create an empty project in that directory the error message doesn’t appear
  • Layout view wasn’t displaying its script variables in equations
  • Inside layout views global variables such as =myscada.loggedUser wasn’t working properly
  • View script variables don’t recognize aliases (If you created variable using an alias and clicked on “…” it showed that it doesn’t recognize that tag and wanted to create that tag once more
  • OPC browsing using OPC browser now works way better
  • If you installed just myDESIGNER on your computer you weren’t able to use the OPC browser without installing myPRO (Now it’s possible if you install just myDESIGNER)
  • CAS Alarm ID normalization wasn’t working properly
  • When selected ComboBox you weren’t able to select the variable in the set command – script
  • Inside layout view and its script if you created a variable it wasn’t shown as available in the equation menu
  • If you wanted to create an open command on history alarms select box between live and history data didn’t appear you had to save it and re-open then it appeared
  • Equations in myDESIGNER




  • New Settings project


  • Modem settings weren’t applied properly after saving the settings of the modem



#myBOX v8



  • Option to activate/deactivate device separation (Allows or denies the possibility that the devices which are connected under one same account can “see” each other)



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