21.7.2021 - Version 8.20.0 #



  • Security improvement




  • Sometimes when moved component it would change its properties
  • When typing a long equation the input window would shrink the functions under so you couldn’t see them anymore
  • Equations been adding “*” in front when mD was in alias mode
  • Animation move – reverse
  • View script table (even when the tag existed in tags database mD highlighted it in red and acted like that tag doesn’t exist)




  • Default myPRO settings username: admin
  • Default myPRO settings password: admin


  • Authentication Bypass
  • Arbitrary File Upload (unauthenticated)
  • Path Traversal (unauthenticated)




  • If the panel was connected to the internet sometimes pop-up would occur about updating chrome


#myBOX v8



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