5.3.2021 - Version 8.18.0 #



  • The effect wasn’t looping forever when the option was checked.
  • When you displayed any table (CAS alarms, DLGs) without bottom/upped toolbar it left there an empty space instead of scaling the table to the full size.
  • We have allowed a maximum of 60 years for running hours, we also have added an option to set a year in set command.
  • Displaying history dlg/cas alarms using from+int or to+int wasn’t working properly.
  • Row click callback on CAS alarms was returning “undefined” on message.
  • Replacing multiple “spaces” in datalog.
  • Timeline icons weren’t working correctly when you were looking thru myACCESS link.
  • myscada.getUrlParameters wasn’t working correctly with character “+”.
  • Datalog view as a chart.




  • Sounds on the alarms will get two more mods (Described in the manual).
  • Median/percentile/std (Standard deviation) to aggregated datalog functions.
  • In main.js (Server-Side script) Added possibility to go back in history (Like GIT) You can go back in history to the main.js which has been working before if you made some changes that don’t work as you have expected.


  • Stimulsoft update
  • Graphical improvements – two new looks for myDESIGNER (Dark mode & light mode, shortcuts redesign & GUI redesign) 


  • When you put an equation on the component and opened equation editor it switched incorrectly between alias/tag.
  • When you have inserted tag in layers visibility in alias mode it displayed tag@connection instead of the alias.
  • Lupe in tag selection for set etc… wasn’t working properly.
  • Dragging views from one project to another wasn’t working properly the same for the copying objects from one view to another.
  • Line marker now change its colour together with line.
  • The centre point of groups during rotation jumps away which should no longer happen.
  • Link pop-up in CAS alarms wasn’t working correctly.
  • Import of tags from TIA was working just for default PLC tags group for other groups created by the user wasn’t working.
  • Added support of TIA 16 & 17.
  • When you selected different datalog view style than the default one which is set in datalog it would automatically switch it back to default one.




#myBOX v8



  • When you choose default port instead of “default” it shows “1” in the preview of subscriptions.



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