8.12.2020 - Version 8.17.0 #



  • myscada.alarmConfirm now confirm all alarms.




  • Changed Advanced Trends selection to be more user friendly and to show only to the user options for the graph which affect the graph. Before, users could use any option together with any graph in advanced trends which could lead to the non-working graphs or that the option didn’t affect the graph.


  • OPC UA browsing.
  • Advanced trend Time selection.
  • ScriptVariable table adding a tags works same as PLC variable table.
  • sendDataToServerSideScript from helper is now pasted correctly to the programming environment.
  • When you created a string tag with custom length it was still showing default length in parameters in recipes section.
  • When you created an empty script variable table myscadaWriteTags wasn’t working correctly.





  • myPANEL from version 8.15 during booting could time to time show error messages with errors which could confuse user that there is something wrong with the device, but there is nothing wrong, it’s just a preparation for Modem module for myPANEL, basically myPANEL is trying to initialize modem for couple of seconds and if there is no modem it will show some error logs and after that it will boot to mySCADA. These error logs should be no longer visible.
  • Pop-Ups that appeared when changed IP or typed wrong password pop up out of the display area and you couldn’t confirm the pop-up.


#myBOX v8


  • myBOX menu now displays a firmware version of LTE modem. If the firmware version of the modem in your myBOX is under 12.5, please contact our support.




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