7.10.2020 - Version 8.15.0 #



  • Hiding top toolbar
  • Possibility to display any dlg view




  • Crone utility
  • If you had an “old” project in myDESIGNER and inside device was some newer which was updated by someone and users/recipes were changed there when you clicked “upload” from device it downloaded the project to myDESIGNER but without changes that were made in users/recipes.


  • logical operand ¬ in equations 


  • Periodically exporting dlg to .csv remake


  • When you changed the recipe inside the device and wanted to download the project from myDESIGNER and checked that you want to apply changes to the project and download the project, the project wasn’t downloaded properly.
  • Components with custom image break after export
  • Layer settings wasn’t showing/working with aliases
  • When you were in a layer setting and clicked from one layer to another it asked you to save changes even though you haven’t made any changes
  • Effects to confirm your edit of value you had to hit enter twice
  • Effects save button and hitting enter twice wasn’t acting the same




#myBOX v8



  • Introduced new myACCESS portal integrated at mySCADA.org
  • button for VPN user to select connection port


  • When you had opened myACCESS app for longer time devices disappear out of list
  • Sorting of devices was confusing
  • When you had a device under “devices” folder not under sub-folder it wouldn’t appear in myACCESS app



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