4.9.2020 - Version 8.14.0 #



  • While you are logged to HMI as a user and you right-click on the “log-off” icon it will allow you to change your password.


  • mySCADALoggedUserLevel
  • Set command on time on each click increment time by 1 hour




  • Persistent read for PLC variable table


  • Reading array fields out of OPC UA
  • When selected aliases in the component editor and tried to create a set command on the component variable it keeps adding *
  • Coordinates weren’t working properly in the component editor
  • When you selected slider in the component editor and checked “update periodically during dragging” and assigned a component variable and clicked set it wasn’t applied.
  • Write/Read access wasn’t applying when you created a component and inserted that inside view
  • When you had opened 2 component scripts variables of each component wasn’t re-drawing when switching between them
  • Rotation point was moving freely when rotating object
  • Line marker
  • Importing categories wasn’t working properly
  • OPC browser 
  • Tag database when you changed tag and double-clicked inside column it showed empty or previous tag name before change
  • User import/export
  • Export/import component categories
  • When you have been resizing component made out of objects during the resizing width of lines/polylines was changing but the width of square/circle not
  • mySCADA.getRecipeData wasn’t working in Server-side script
  • Write/set On Down/Up wasn’t working properly





  • Some chrome annoying pop-ups (When changing IP etc…)


#myBOX V8




  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvement
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