9.7.2020 - Version 8.12.0 #



  • equations
  • view script
  • Overall performance improves (Optimized view script/server-side script functions which can radically improve performance of myPANEL 5” and 7” and it’s RAM usage and script execution order). Other devices should also have a noticeable performance improve.


  • Write Scale for Recipes (Single writes + multiple writes)
  • GIS dragging map in view
  • Open command on Active area from view script (There was an issue when the view was called 12_view_3 or something like that that it doesn’t opened) Same for Pop-up from view script
    Time to time momentary button got stuck (Added Multi-click protection – Can be set on each view under view property and its rate can be adjusted)
  • Pop-Up center + fixed size 
  • myscada.writeTags not working
  • Online users edit you couldn’t give group to a user
  • Online users edit you couldn’t see buttons for cancel or save for the group




  • Import/Export in CSV for users
  • You can now add a view script function to view equation
  • Async functions support


  • GIS dialogue
  • Import/export in CSV for script variable table and PLC variable table
  • Overall export/import of CSV files in myDESIGNER


  • GIS 
  • Resizing objects using coordinates (bude)
  • Saving view background when switching from one view to another using top bar
  • Undo button (bude)
  • Effect behaviour (bude)
  • Export/import translations
  • Debugging of server-side scripts
  • Time to time object tree in view freezes (bude)
  • When you had opened 2 views at the same time and changed background colour in one view and moved to other one colour change wasn’t applied
  • Sometimes changes in component weren’t saved)
  • Translations export/import for the whole project




#myBOX V8


  • Some visual minor bugs which DO NOT affect the functionality





  • Updated Stimulsoft Reports
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