3.6.2020 - Version 8.11.0 #



  • Vertical measure in trends (Drag point of a vertical measure was a bit off so it was difficult to drag it with the cursor
  • Pop-Up location Center


  • Vertical measure on click/touch (When you activate the feature in myDESIGNER you will be able by touch or click put a vertical measure inside trend)




  • Dummy tag on </> “Text inside” component which could be generating warning that there are non-existing tags when checking project.


  • Automatic vertical measure set-up + additional features (Color of measure line and thickness etc…)
  • Tool for selecting data-log data to ascend/descend by time (Left click on datalog and you can check/uncheck option on dlg properties)




#myBOX v8


  • Password for downloading project (As in myPRO you can give your device a unique password before for downloading project was only required to have SN of myBOX)
  • WiFi scan (In case of using wifi as WAN)




  • Changed overlay of myCLOUD improved its visual appearance


  • Latency measure
  • Network scan when connecting to the myBOX V8
  • Network interface (LAN IP address, WAN IP address etc…)
  • Dial process


  • myCLOUD renames to myACCESS




  • communication with Net-Eni Eth card for Compactlogix
  • User access for “Show edits” and “Live buttons”
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